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Our Team

The main characters of the Axcess Professional Staffing business narrative, bringing 12 years each of temporary staffing, are Avery and Stacie Johnson.  As CEO and Founder, Avery shares that his motivation for starting a staffing company came about from his experience of unemployment.  His altruistic thrust, the passion of helping an individual regain dignity, served to minister to so many brothers and sisters, as well as, to himself.

In a plethora of ways, Axcess Professional Staffing breathes life into the community, benefiting both businesses and individuals.  Avery takes great pride in being “the hand that encourages people to change their lives through gainful, quality employment.”  The societal elements of recidivism and unemployment are impacted positively because nearly every line of work has a place in today’s staffing sector.

Stacie Johnson, the owner of APS, serves as a devoted thought influencer in legal and regulatory matters, inspiring standards for running the firm efficiently.  Every contract and dealings with employees and clients require great care to protect the company.

The staff of the business possesses a well-rounded leadership skill set, including the following:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Senior Account Manager
  • Marketing/Recruiter Specialist
  • Receptionist
  • Full-time employment recruiter
  • Field representative.
  • Policy and Procedures

Clients of APS do not have to worry about managing the details that are so critical to Human Resource management.  We understand that most small-business owners possess little experience in this relevant field.   Axcess Professional Staffing, Inc. is prepared to meet this need.