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Service Benefits

Maintain Productivity

Hello, I am Chris!  My role as a temporary worker is to handle work overload, preventing employee burnout of your full-time painter in white dungarees, blue t-shirt, cap and gloves workers.  Employees can quickly become unmotivated and overwhelmed when they experience overloaded work schedules.  What will be the effects?  Increase mistakes made?  Decrease in productivity?  Increased absenteeism is an often side effect that may also occur.  So what will happen when you bring me in as a temporary staff?  I will handle the extra workload, and your full-time employees can continue to focus on their primary job task while maintaining their productivity.  Call APS today; I’ll be glad to help!

Testing the Waters

desk with laptop computer and headsetMy name is Jackie! Just like when I dip my toe in the pool to see how cold the water may be, it is possible that you, the business owner, may want a chance to sample my business acumen before making a permanent offer of employment.  The temp-to-hire option would allow you the opportunity to have me work on a temporary basis first, giving your business a chance to evaluate how well I will fit in with your corporate culture.  Weaknesses that would not be evident during an interview may only be seen over time.    So contact Axcess today, and test the waters!

Avoid Unemployment Claims

Anthony here!  I have to admit, I am a temporary staff person, an employee of a
staffing agency and not hired by your business. You will not havCarpentere to be concerned with me filing for unemployment when you no longer need my services.  There’s more!  Your overall operating costs could be lower since your unemployment claim rates will have less chance of skyrocketing when you release the temporary staff.  Think of the amount of time that will be saved as managers will not have to spend hours with unemployment claims and the Department of Labor. We have just the right person for your business.    Call today!

Win-Win Flexibility!

Medical office workerMaude is my name!  I am here to replace Abigail temporarily; she is on maternity leave.   APS can provide employees in a wide variety of disciplines to meet all of the consistent demands of your business, especially in the absence of your permanent employee. With APS, you have the opportunity to be flexible, using the services of temporary staff like me, for a few hours a week or on a full-time basis. The situation is a win-win situation since I was not looking for permanent work.    We can save you both time and money.   Contact us today!

Extended Human Resource Departmentbusinesswoman with a big friendly smile.

We process all the paperwork for such HR as Work Opportunity Federal Tax Credits, Federal Bonding Programs, and more.  Consider us to be your extended Human Resource Department.  My name is Tara, and I am an Axcess Professional.  Our staff is here for you!  Contact an Axcess staffing professional today!