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We get it!  The bottom-line is just that–the bottom-line!  We handle your HR needs; you save time and money!  You save time since you do not have to process payroll.  You will save money since you only have to secure staffing when you need them most.

We assist business with quality candidate placement in the following staffing options:


It is typical for a business to need extra help for a particular project, perhaps only for a short period.  We will handle the payroll, the payroll taxes, the worker’s compensation and the administrative costs.    Maybe a position is one that will not fit a full-time permanent worker; a temporary position using one of our employees would save you time, money, and the stress.


When it comes to a position that you are not sure if you want to hire someone for temp-to-hire is a perfect option.  The candidate may work with a company for several months.  The business owner now has the chance to determine if that the position call for full-time employment or not.

Direct Hire

Do you need Human Resource Management support?  APS recruits, screens, interviews and verifies references that lead to a direct hire for your business needs.  You now can focus on your strategic business goals while we do what we do best—“provide opportunity, provide service.”

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